The Aduramis Chronicles: The Definitive Collection – Volumes 1-3

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Official book cover release.

Book four The Aduramis Chronicles: Brotherhood.

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New Projects

Well, it seems the writing bug has caught me again.

I have begun to plot a new trilogy which is a prequel to the current Aduramis Chronicles and charts the history leading up to the introduction of Coinin and Marrok.

Old favourites will return, although they will be much younger. We will welcome back Menin, Jericho, Trenobin, Lordich, Draken and my favourite, Ædelmær.

I’m excited and enthused. I hope you are too. Drop me a line if you’re excited.

Here are a few images. Book two is a working title. Not convinced by the cover but you get the idea. (Click an image to enlarge)

There’s a special prize if anyone can guess who the character is in Book three.

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Cover update

I felt readers didn’t understand that The Definitive Collection contained the complete Aduramis Chronicles trilogy. So I updated the cover.

You can get it here.

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A big thank you!

Thanks to all my new readers who’ve downloaded The Definitive Edition from @Smashwords. I sincerely hope you enjoy the series and please, don’t forget to review. #thankyou #ebook #smashwords #444,950 #1775 #booksworthreading #fantasytorivaltolkien #fantasytorivalgrrmartin

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Official Review: The Aduramis Chronicles: The Definitive … –

[Following is an official OnlineBookC review of The Aduramis Chronicles: The Definitive Collection by Harrison Davies.] id249784-125 The Aduramis Chronicles: The Definitive Collection by Harrison Davies is a fantasy trilogy consisting of Destiny of ..
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4 Star Review for Destiny of The Wulf.

Esmerelda Weatherwax rated a book

really liked it

4 Stars.

6 months ago

Destiny of the Wulf (The Aduramis Chronicles – Book 1)

by Harrison Davies (Goodreads Author)


Read in September 2017

spfbo book #26

I wouldn’t have known about this without the contest, and I knew it was YA going into it.

I enjoyed this one more than the last few YA books I picked up, there were more things going on with the plot and it had a lot more action to it than the last few.

There are two brothers who are orphaned after a band of Orcs raided their homes, they go to live with their uncle who helps them train with swords and obstacle courses. Eventually they are taken to a temple and told they are special and the last of a line destined for great things.

There’s real life gods in this book, and they interact with people, one of the gods has one of the main characters on a mission to save his brothers soul more or less, his brother has turned against the gods blaming them for his parents death.

there’s a legit afterlife in this novel as well, Death is a god and he decides what happens to you after you’re gone, and sometimes you’re stuck in the spirit realm which is like a limbo until he decides what to do with you and Coinin, one of the brothers is able to reach this place in dreams sometimes.

The god of Death, Mort ( haaaaaa), wants to take over and over throw the current god king. There are swords that the god king has given out to the realm, and tehy all need to be united every 1000 years or the other gods can challenge his throne.

Main characters need to find the swords in order to make sure the god of Death doesn’t win a civil war of the gods and take over and ruin the world.


* people who like YA

* people who like coming of age stories

* people who like heavy religion and interactive gods

* people who like high stakes fantasy where the world in is danger

* people who like destiny/chosen one stories

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Another 5 star review for The New World.

‘The New World’ is the concluding part of Harrison Davies’ thrilling ‘Aduramis Chronicles’ trilogy, and a superb finale it is.

This is a beast of a novel — at nearly 850 pages it’s perhaps the biggest single novel I’ve ever read and I’m admittedly a slow reader. Yet I loved immersing myself in the vivid fantasy world Davies has meticulously crafted. I read the first of these books around 2012 so it felt like I’d known these characters for quite some time. That the end was looming was a bittersweet feeling — which is exactly how a great book makes you feel.

Davies is a talented writer and superb at crafting extremely vivid descriptions of the settings and characters. This helped make it feel like a living, breathing world. I enjoyed the character interplay and the changing dynamics of their relationships. Draken in particular has always been an interesting character, at times loathsome, but here evidently on a path of redemption in an expertly handled character arc.

To me, the second half of the book was the strongest as it builds to what you know will be a heart-stoppingly epic climax — and, with some neat twists and a satisfying and emotional conclusion, it certainly doesn’t disappoint. Be warned though, in true Game of Thrones fashion, NO ONE is safe, and there will be tears before you reach the end. This is one of my favourite fantasy trilogies of all time and I would love to one day see this on the big screen where I think it would look stunning.

Available via Amazon.

Rory Mackay

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