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Synopsis for Destiny of the Wulf

It is a time of great upheaval, and from time immemorial the destiny of two boys has shone like a beacon to those who seek hope of salvation. Death desires to rule as high king of the gods, and is poised to ignite a war in the heavens that would consume all life on the distant world of Er’ath. Brothers Coinin and Marrok are thrust into a world of magic when their parents are slain while protecting their village. Whisked away to their uncle’s home, there they live a peaceful existence, until the day that they are summoned to a secret temple, hidden from the world. An ancient mage brotherhood tells of a great destiny that has surrounded them since before they were born, and events take a sharp downward turn. The fate of this world hangs in the balance, and it is left to Coinin and Marrok to seek and reunite the Swords of Cerathil that would save the planet from destruction. They battle with giants and goblins, but nothing is as it first appears. Treachery and deceit haunt them, and their very relationship is put to the test, as the ultimate battle for survival begins… ——————————————————– http://www.harrisondavies.com http://www.theaduramischronicles.blogspot.com http://www.facebook.com/theaduramischronicles

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  1. March 12, 2012 at 7:03 pm

    I debated heavily with myself over this “the destiny of two boys”. Technically it should be “the destinies of two boys”, but since theirs are intertwined, I chose “destiny”.


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