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My thoughts on Underworld

Beavering away on book two (Underworld) and I have become very excited by the story, even more so than when I originally planned it out. You see, today I have been working on a backstory for two of the main characters, and this expands the whole world and sets the scene for the prequels.

Yes, that’s right I said prequels. I always wanted to explore Coinin and Marrok’s father further. I feel he deserves a proper outing, and you will get a sneak peek at part of book seven in book two.

Book seven? You say. I did. For those who don’t know, I have planned for 16 books. That’s one a year, which will make me 54 years old. I hope to keep to this schedule, but don’t be surprised if it changes.

But I digress.

I am certain that this book will be even more spectacular and even better than book one (Destiny of the Wulf).

I, of course, will let you be the judge.

The writing flows better, the characters leap from the page, and I’m introducing new characters that advance the plot for books three and four.

I suppose that is the point, that an author grows with time and experience, and since I know my characters so well now, I can dig into their emotions and personalities and bring out the best and worst sides.

My whole desire was to create believable characters, and despite what happens around them, you would be grounded by the characters. You would feel their pain, energy and care for them, they would be alive to you.

The world I created is a fantasy, and many things are fantastical but still the characters are credible, and balance the book.

I have been grinning like a great big cheshire cat today, knowing that my readers will get double the enjoyment out of book two, and that my readers will take a trip into the future of The Aduramis Chronicles.

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