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Gary Baxter Reviews Destiny of the Wulf

Book – The Aduramis Chronicles (Destiny of the Wulf) Author – Harrison Davies

Being an avid reader of fantasy since a very young age and having read many titles, I was keen to read “The Aduramis Chronicles” by author Harrison Davies as he is a local to my region.

And what a refreshing book it was to read, the story follows the destiny two brothers (Coinin and Marrok) who are thrust from a  young age into a world of war and magic between many factions and even the gods themselves!

The book reads at a decent pace and keeps the reader engrossed with neatly timed and written twists and turns, forever keep the reader guessing.

The dialogue between the well defined and likeable characters is funny and has a realistic feel to it, with even some regional sayings and references (much to my pleasure and amusement).

The use of magic and swordplay is treated like second nature to most of the characters, with a nice use of detail but never over embellished.

Overall, this is lovely written, well paced, refreshing spin on a fantasy tale which leaves others of the genre wondering where they went wrong.

Rating – 9/10

Gary Baxter (avid reader)


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