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99p/99c eBook day – Sale Ended!

With Destiny of the Wulf  re-released as revision two…I have decided to offer the ebook priced at 99p/99c for two days from 01st August 2012 – Live Now! Sale ended!

Hurry before the regular price goes back to £2.99/$4.99.

Then it’s on to the release of Underworld hopefully by end of January 2013.

Join in, pass the word, and enjoy the read.

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OMG! Fantastic Bluray news

Woohoo Indiana Jones on bluray available for preorder. Follow this link

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Interviewed by Cat Gerlach

Please follow this link to my latest interview. Interview

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Kindle Software Update

There is a new Kindle software. Update available. It improves many things including crisper fonts and better image zooming.

Get it now and follow the simple instructions. Link to download

Note: it’s for the baby kindle, not the keyboard kindle.

Kindle Touch update available here: Link to download

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Amazon Kindle Profile

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Destiny of the Wulf – Rated high again

The Aduramis Chronicles: Destiny of the Wulf 
by Harrison Davies (Goodreads Author) 


Lorraine – Lover of Jellybeans‘s review 

Jun 07, 12

5 of 5 stars false
Read from April 26 to June 07, 2012

Oh wow. After reading this, The Aduramis Chronicles are set to become one seriously epic masterpiece!

I don’t really like the fantasy genre. I started the book with a negative thought at the back of my mind that the book wouldn’t be for me and I’d give it up within a few pages. Hell was I wrong !

The writing is fabulous. Whether it’s a battle, a ritual, or a landscape that is described, you just feel like you’re there, and you get to feel for the characters.

But what I really enjoyed most of all is the work around the characters. You’re introduced to them gradually, which really helps when you’re not used to dealing with orcs, elves, giants and all that, and there is no pressure trying to remember who’s who all the time, so you can actually focus on the book. The other great thing is that Harrison allows you to get acquainted with the characters, but gives you just enough information to complete the story without getting you lost in sub-stories. That allows you to keep track of the main plot, and this while raising your curiosity about some of the characters, their past, and what made them who they are. And I sincerely hope that these questions that came up in my head will be answered in the next 15 stories. Because I sure am going to read every single one of them.

My first thought was that it was a really ambitious plan. And it is. But it seems Harrison’s got it all under control, and methinks those Chronicles as a whole are going to be something rather awesome.

Just saying: I actually decided to finish this book instead of dropping it because a book I waited to come out for the past year was published a few days ago. But I didn’t. I had to finish this one first. That’s how much I liked it.

Can’t wait for the next book to come out 🙂

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Lorna Suzuki – An inspiration

I wanted to post a blog about a wonderful person I met not so long ago. Her name is Lorna Suzuki, and I consider her to be a mentor to me in the shark infested waters of self-publishing.

She has been a strong guiding hand, firm in her assessments and fair in her suggestions.

But guess what?

Her book Imago Chronicles: Book One – The Warriors Tale has been optioned to become a major motion picture, and thats not to be sneezed at. Exciting stuff.

I would recommend checking out her book, and getting it now, and be one of those that read it before the hype.

Lorna writes amazing fantasy, but she will always advise that you review her sample chapters before committing to buy, and that makes sense.

So head on over to her site and follow her on twitter @LornaSuzuki

Go to Amazon, pick up a copy today, and let your imagination run free.

Her other books can be found here: Amazon Book List

One final word. Don’t forget to rate and review.

Thanks Lorna for your support.

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