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From a fan…bookshelves

Here’s two great shots of a fan’s bookshelf…

I can see this guy loves Tolkien and Martin….but wait…there’s little old me in there too.
Destiny of the Wulf, loud and proud….and two, yes, two copies no less.
I’m honoured Aiden. Visit his page here…
Why not post copies of your bookshelves on my Facebook page…
Don’t forget you can also get a free Kindle, iPhone or PDF copy at
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From a fan…

Part of an email from a fan asking when Underworld will be released. 

My question to PJ was “Did you enjoy Destiny of the Wulf?”
“Yeah definitely. Not sure if I mentioned before but I play a lot of video games and read a lot of fantasy which can make the genre very stale for me as a lot of people generally stick to the same formula. I felt the setting was very unique, the two brothers were very human and worked well as main characters, there were also a few twists that I didn’t see coming (for example the “Spoiler removed”). I found the lore of the world very interesting (especially the religion). Oh and the humour was good as well!
Would send the book for signing but I bought the digital copy ! Will order a paperback.”
Thanks PJ for your kind words. As of now I’m writing the penultimate chapter and it won’t be too long before you’re reading the next exciting instalment. 
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Open letter to Zack Snyder & Hans Zimmer

1. Superman NEVER EVER kills. Full stop, period!

2. Super heroes must have a recognisable theme tune. Where is the Man of Steel’s theme? Not even a homage to what has gone before. 
Way to ruin Superman for me guys. 
A character I enjoy died the day I saw your rehash.
You took John Williams’ George & Christopher Reeves’ and Brandon Routh’s legacy and ground it into dust. Shame on you.
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Underworld update #6

I’ve reached 103,500 words. That’s a mere 13,500 words shy of Destiny of the Wulf’s total.

I am writing the penultimate chapter…it’s becoming exciting.

I wonder if I’ll get that same feeling when I type THE END as I did with Destiny?

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A fond memory…

I really need a ghost writer or at least a secretary to type up my work. Its the horrid part of writing, transferring to an electronic device. 

Did you know at one point I actually wrote Destiny on a Nokia E71? Well, I did.

I received some funny looks in the street one day when I had that eureka moment as I worked out a pretty difficult scene and started laughing out loud at my own genius. 

I, of course had to immediately bring out the phone and write the scene.

I guess the lesson is you can use almost anything to write with. For me:

Nokia E71, iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro, generic Windows PC. My favourite is the trusty notepad.

Here’s how much has been written in a week using a notepad…


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Underworld Update #2

98,000 words and climbing. Target 120,000. 

This will increase as Draft 1 turns into Draft 2 with more detail added. 

Sorry it’s taken so long…the chapter I’ve just written was the hardest to write. Found it mentally challenging actually.

But now it’s out the way…there’s no stopping me!

Not long now folks!
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The death of a major character…

I’ve just witnessed the death of a major character in my minds eye. Now it would be hugely dramatic and powerful, but horrendously upsetting to write. Do I ignore it or do I write it and suffer the wrath of my readers?

Opinions please…
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