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4K TV & Video

So what’s the point of 4K TV’s? Is anyone broadcasting at 4K? Is there any disc based media, games or streaming services offering 4K?

Well for certain the majority of UK internet providers couldn’t support 4K streaming. They barely support HD if at all now.

At least not at acceptable high enough definition to satisfy me. I’ve seen better on old Betamax tapes.

The likes of Sky TV would need to adopt 4K and, honestly, will we really see a difference beaming it’s way to our satellite dishes? There’s only so much data they can push.

I reckon it’d be a cut down scaled version barely better than 1080p but hyped to be the next wonderful thing.

I have Sky HD. Why? Because I was forced into it. They replaced the analogue signal with a crappy, blocky, half the information digital signal, where if you have a poor excuse for a flat screen TV, everything looks washed out, blocky and ghostly. Sky HD and a glass fronted plasma TV has satisfied me. But I can never go back to watching a standard definition digital signal. Awful.

Some games manufacturers are just barely getting into 1080p gaming. The latest consoles apparently. don’t output at 4K and I believe the new Xbox One is only 720p. Although Wikipedia states that the Xbox one and PS4 supports 4K. Yeah, great, if true, but there are only two 4K games and tests show it would take 4 x £800 Titan graphics cards to play a full 4K game. Hmmm. Achieving a stable frame rate is the key to game makers rather than ultra high pixel counts.

Sure there’s scaling, but that’s just not true 4k now is it?

Just another way for manufacturers to get the consumer to part with their money. I mean there’s only so many times the viewer can be fooled into thinking they’re watching Keeping up appearances or Last of the summer wine in HD. HD, my ass.

What’s wrong with 1080p in the living room. BluRay LOTR is immense. Do I really need a studio to try and upscale that to 4x the quality with a new gimmick called BluRay+? No, I don’t.

1080p works fine. But trying to upscale our favourite older movies to 4K is going to be a disaster. I don’t believe you will see any difference in that respect that 1080p can’t offer, bearing in mind some conversions are terrible at 1080p as it is.

Of course, this is the internet, and someone will have a reason why 4K will work and I’d like to read that.

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