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Let me introduce Laliala Menin, former Curator and now Archmage of the golden Temple of Rindor, a majestic place of worship, home to the Brotherhood of the Wulf from The Aduramis Chronicles: Destiny of the Wulf & Underworld

H: Welcome Archmage Menin.
L: Please, call me Laliala.

H: Thank you for permitting this interview today.
L: You are quite welcome, although I must say I am not used to celebrity.

H: You are Archmage of the Order of the Wulf, how can you not be used to it?
L: Brotherhood.
H: Sorry?
L: I am Archmage to the Brotherhood, not the Order. The order are the military arm of the temple overseen by Curator Wulf. I oversee the religious and non-military aspects of out belief system.
H: I stand corrected.
L: Celebrity is something I shy from. I am a humble servant to Lord Rindor. This is my calling.

Laliala smiles sweetly and a mischievous look flashes across her face.

H: Can you tell us where you are from and a little about your childhood?
L: I hail from a small village called Serin, which is in western Westeroe. That’s a continent to the left of the capital Rosthagaar. I grew up a mill owner’s daughter, and as you can imagine I make fantastic bread. I was unschooled until I became entrusted to the Brotherhood’s protection.
H: Protection?
L: Yes, Sadly an earthquake hit our village and flattened it. My father, may Rindor bless him, was lost when the stone mill collapsed around him. The local Lord of the land sent the surviving parentless children to reside with the Brotherhood, and my schooling began, alongside a very old and dear friend, Dareth Jericho.
H: What did the Brotherhood teach you?
L: My learning consisted of daily prayer to the god’s Rindor, Maresh and Taminoth, followed by instruction in the magical arts.

H: How did you find learning those things?
L: It was one of the most exciting times of my life, as a child you have a certain imagination, but for those imaginings to become a reality with the aid of magic was a dream come true.
H: Such as?
L: I always wished to be able to fly.
H: You can fly?
L: No, don’t be silly. I can port, though, from one place to another in the blink of an eye.

H: Can you explain how you became Archmage?
L: I began like all acolytes at the very bottom of the rung. I worked my way through my schooling and it soon became apparent that I had an aptitude for tactical thinking. This was noticed by the then Curator of the Great Library, who invited me to tryout for a role as military tactician.

H: Can you explain why a predominantly religious order utilises magic and has a military arm?
L: When Lord Rindor, our High God, chose Soliath Wulf to lead the people of Er’ath into a new order of things, his desire was that they learn and study all things including magic that was to be used for good in defending the cities of Rosthhagaar against attack. The military arm, or the Order of the Wulf is responsible for ensuring temple safety and also patrolling the cities as city guards. We basically maintain peace and order in the land.

H: What would you say is your greatest achievement?
L: Living to fifty…no seriously, being instrumental in the capture of Lordich Secracar.
H: You had a role to play in that?
L: Indeed, as Curator of the Great Library, my role was to ensure order and balance was restored, and I took my armies to meet him in battle. We won, and captured him. But it have since learned that Lordich escaped his execution by signing a pact with Death. We, the people of Er’ath are once again in great danger. However, we are scouring the cities looking for this man. If anyone knows of his whereabouts, please come forward.

H: Ahem, well, thank you for that impromptu plea. I sincerely hope you capture him. I see that your personal guard-
L: Zaruun.
H: Yes, Zaruun. I see that he is attempting to catch your attention, so I will ask one last question. What are your plans for the future?
L: As you know, I can never marry, or enjoy the pleasure of male company. But, my plan is to strive to end Lordich’s reign of terror, bring peace once more to the land. But first we must reunite the Swords of Cerathil, to cement the rule of Rindor.

H: I thought that was an old wives tale?
L: No, it is very real I assure you. Should we not reunite the swords, then Rindor’s rule shall be open to contest. Even Death himself shall rise to the heavens and challenge his brother for the right to rule.

Z: Coughs.
L: Yes, was is it Zaruun?
Z: General Jonjo has returned from Mador.
L: (Raises brow) If you will excuse me, pressing matters.

Laliala stands and leaves the interview at this point with only a brief goodbye. I hope you have enjoyed our brief interview with Archmage Menin, Brotherhood of the Wulf.

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