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Should you wish to purchase an eBook direct from me, you can do so via my PayPal link either here or via my website.

Drop a note either in the payment or via email to to say which book and I’ll whiz one over to you to your email address. 

Destiny of The Wulf


The New World 


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14 facts concerning The Aduramis Chronicles. (Cover images contain spoilers)

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  1. The process of writing started in April 2009. The story changed arcs and became a tale of destiny rather than a tale of retribution.
  2. There has been twelve different cover designs for each book, each becoming more polished than the last.
  3. Book One – Destiny of The Wulf was completed in 2012 with 114,547 words, 629,621 characters and 508 pages with 16 story chapters.
  4. It is currently heading for its fourth edition as a new publisher will take over.
  5. Destiny was edited twice, Elaine Denning continues to be my editor to this day.
  6. Anna Herbel kindly donated the image of a sword I found intriguing. It has since stuck throughout the trilogy and has influenced one of several subplots  greatly.


  1. Book Two – Underworld began production in 2012 and was released in 2013 with 144,012 words, 796,728 characters and 666 pages with 17 story chapters.
  2. The cover image was designed by Victor DasLamm, whilst I created the text, as with all my books.
  3. It, like Destiny, is due for a fourth edition.
  4. Elaine Denning edited this book also.

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  1. Book Three – The New World (Draft One status) began production in 2014, and due to illness was written on an off until late 2016.
  2. Draft One is completed and stands at 182,534 word, ~834 pages and 1,017,794 characters with 39 story chapters.
  3. The cover image was designed by Victor DasLamm

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000448_00056]

  1. Beyond this, there is three more books planned. Classed as prequels to Destiny of The Wulf.

A Knightly Order
Rise & Fall

All books are/will be available via Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, Smashwords etc.

Visit me at for more.

2017 Book Covers (Full)

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New covers for 2017 and beyond.

Changes include new gold text with glint and indication of which book number in the series it is.

2 books as yet don’t have blurb. Gotta keep some secrets. 

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I am very proud of my books inclusivity.

I have both strong male and female characters, and thinking back, I probably would have made Marrok female. 
I guess that’s why Aniol and Menin feature heavily. Not as compensation but to offset the slight male character dominance. No one is more powerful than Menin and Aniol is a fierce protector.

All sexes should be equal and I try to show that in my writing. 

In most cases I deliberately do not mention a characters skin colour so that in the mind of the reader the character becomes who they identify with or picture in their own mind. 

For example: Jericho, he could be black, white, any colour, though he doesn’t have to be any colour at all. Just him. 

I want my characters to be real to a reader on a personal level.

I also have a disabled character, a limb lost and how he continues regardless. He features significantly in book 2 and I am considering a second disability. 

I think it’s important we recognise the contributions of the disabled in society. 

I am always looking for ways to expand that inclusiveness. Same sex relationships? 

Transsexual might be difficult considering the settings of my books, but then if GRRM can do it, I just need to find the right setting.

Though, I am worried that this would move my books from Young Adult fiction to Adult Fiction and that’s not inclusive. 

I’ve written my books for all ages. 

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The New World (Progress)

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163,800 words / 765 pages so far. 

The Final Battle chapter became so big that I had to split it. Now half is called The Battle Begins. 

Now proceeding steadily towards the finish line which is the penultimate chapter as the last chapter is written already.

Remaining is half of The Final Battle and The Ritual.

I will hit 23 November’s target date. If not before. 

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