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I am very proud of my books inclusivity.

I have both strong male and female characters, and thinking back, I probably would have made Marrok female. 
I guess that’s why Aniol and Menin feature heavily. Not as compensation but to offset the slight male character dominance. No one is more powerful than Menin and Aniol is a fierce protector.

All sexes should be equal and I try to show that in my writing. 

In most cases I deliberately do not mention a characters skin colour so that in the mind of the reader the character becomes who they identify with or picture in their own mind. 

For example: Jericho, he could be black, white, any colour, though he doesn’t have to be any colour at all. Just him. 

I want my characters to be real to a reader on a personal level.

I also have a disabled character, a limb lost and how he continues regardless. He features significantly in book 2 and I am considering a second disability. 

I think it’s important we recognise the contributions of the disabled in society. 

I am always looking for ways to expand that inclusiveness. Same sex relationships? 

Transsexual might be difficult considering the settings of my books, but then if GRRM can do it, I just need to find the right setting.

Though, I am worried that this would move my books from Young Adult fiction to Adult Fiction and that’s not inclusive. 

I’ve written my books for all ages. 

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