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What’s so different about my books?

I asked three people why my books are different to others. 

“I find them in the middle of what I normally read. So I either read very child orientated books or very gruesome ones. Your books are a good balance in between. Also I love fantasy books, but yours aren’t similar to others I’ve read, which is really good as it’s not a rehash of the same old story.” -Babs.

I couldn’t get my head around why my books are dissimilar.
Since I don’t read a lot of fantasy. 

“You don’t read a lot of fantasy do you? I find it different because of the magical abilities. You have a more broader range of characters and you focus more on the characters more than the scene they are in, though your scene building is awesome. While generic fantasy will have generic powers like fireball, iceblast e.t.c. and will focus more on the scenery the characters are in.” Evan. 

“It’s what I’ve said for a while, unique fantasy whilst keeping in the standard fantasy tropes you wan’t, but done well. It’s hard to explain verbally.  They have a good balance of adult and light hearted humor.” -David. 

I think I kind of understand now. Though, if you have a comment to add why you think they’re different to the norm. I’d love a comment. 


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