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Every authors dream….

April 22, 2017 2 comments

Or so you would think. After several years of writing works I am so very proud of. The money, time and effort invested to try and bring a quality product to market, and all you want is a little recognition for that hard slog. 

You receive through the post what you have dreamed of … a publishing contract.

That’s great you say. 

It normally would be, but any publisher worth its salt would not ask for £2500 upfront to publish your book. That could be construed as nothing more than vanity publishing. 

To say I’m not disappointed would be a lie. When I first opened it I was so happy and was shaking with excitement and then I read the contract fully and turned to several reliable internet sources for information and asked an author friend who had signed with them, for advice.

The outcome is, thanks for making me feel real disappointment, but no thanks. 

My work is too important and too good for this kind of contract. 

If you truly believe in my work, then sign fully. 


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The whole story ‘covered’

Almost there. June 19th the final (never believe an author when they say that) chapter in the Aduramis Trilogy (See fibbing again – there will be three prequels) come to its conclusion. Please, have a nosey at my new covers. 8 years in the making (no, not the covers).


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New Destiny of The Wulf cover.

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