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The Aduramis Chronicles Book Trailer – Official.

Get yours very own copy of The Aduramis Chronicles: The Definitive Collection at Smashwords, Kindle, iBooks, GoogleBooks and GooglePlay & all good stockists.

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My trip to Scotland.

I’ve recently visited Scotland on a tour of its highlands, and it’s most incredible beauty astounded me. For someone who lives in Northumberland, beauty is certainly not a rare commodity, but I was blown away by the magnitude of lochs and mountains.

Here’s a small handful of pics from my journey and to say I’ve taken inspiration from this diverse country is an understatement. My writing will forever be improved by this land of wonder.

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A slight refresh of covers.


Some changes to indicate there is a difference from originals to prequels. The book title is on the lower portion of the cover for prequels.

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GooglePlay & GoogleBooks

Heading your way at light speed is The Aduramis Chronicles, finally available via GooglePlay and GoogleBooks*

*Still available via Smashwords, iBooks, Kindle and all good book stockists. #GooglePlay #GoogleBooks #ebooks #fantasyfiction #BookBoost

Click here to go directly to the GooglePlay store

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Brotherhood – Update 1

Progress on my fifth book, I don’t count The Definitive Collection as it’s a compilation of the first three Aduramis Chronicles, is going strong. I’m roughly 15,000 words in and already the world and its characters are really taking shape. This is a new direction for me, exploring new scenarios in a familiar world that happened before my original trilogy. I wanted to move away from prophecy this and prophecy that and focus again on character and how each individual was moulded by events. There will some big set pieces and the descriptions you come to love. But I must confess, a small element must be written to account for the prophecy of The Aduramis Chronicles. The Aduramis Scrolls, I feel, will be just as huge and when I get round to it, I will write a spin off for Hur’al Menin. Stay tuned for more, and don’t forget you can get your copy of any of my books via Amazon, iTunes, Smashwords and all leading books retailers. Thanks for stopping by.

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Official book cover release.

Book four The Aduramis Chronicles: Brotherhood.

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New Projects

Well, it seems the writing bug has caught me again.

I have begun to plot a new trilogy which is a prequel to the current Aduramis Chronicles and charts the history leading up to the introduction of Coinin and Marrok.

Old favourites will return, although they will be much younger. We will welcome back Menin, Jericho, Trenobin, Lordich, Draken and my favourite, Ædelmær.

I’m excited and enthused. I hope you are too. Drop me a line if you’re excited.

Here are a few images. Book two is a working title. Not convinced by the cover but you get the idea. (Click an image to enlarge)

There’s a special prize if anyone can guess who the character is in Book three.

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